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Newborn and Postpartum Care Support

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Through practical demonstrations, I guide you through essential baby care techniques. From safe and proper holds to mastering the art of swaddling, I ensure you're equipped with the skills to nurture your newborn with confidence. Hygiene is paramount, so I cover efficient and hygienic diaper changes and disposal methods, as well as safe bathing techniques whether it's in the tub or on the bed.

I understand the challenges of soothing a newborn, so I share proven techniques to calm your little one and demonstrate feeding and burping methods to optimize comfort. For parents grappling with colic or gas, I offer invaluable tips and tricks to ease discomfort. Additionally, I provide guidance on sleep positioning to promote safe and restful slumber for both baby and parents.

No question goes unanswered during our visits. Whether it's addressing concerns about infant care, offering advice on breastfeeding, or providing reassurance about developmental milestones, I'm here to support you every step of the way. With my comprehensive assistance, you can navigate the early days of parenthood with greater ease and confidence.

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